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Wednesday, April 30 2008
A table like no other - The ReacTable
So this isn't completely new, but remains a mostreactable impressive device nevertheless. So essentially this is a manual synthesizer, if you will, with the sounds generated and modified by placing and moving objects (called tangibles) around on a translucent surface which is being filmed by a video camera connected to a laptop and so on and so forth. It made me a little dizzy trying to read the physics behind it.

The sound the ReacTable produces is pretty cool, though nothing new from the examples I heard. The visuals and attraction for DJ's is unrivaled, though it's price and complexity will probably keep it from the mainstream for a time to come. Nevertheless, a wonderful little setup that pushes boundaries, and I had to write about it.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

And so it begins
And thus it was determined that I shall begin a blog. Dramatic eh? Anyway, I've been in the business for a little bit here, and being that life has been getting busier and busier, I figured a blog would help keep me in the game a bit, the audio field anyway. So here I hope to keep up with the newest audio and video products out there. The world of audio and video has never been more active and exciting. Well, without any further ado:

Okay, so I had to post/comment on this when I came across it. So this is apparently the, ahem, wait
for drum roll, Eco TV, from Phillips.  phillips_ecotvNow I'm all for energy saving devices, etc, but the cheese is too heavy for me, especially when someone writes how it will save the rainforest, please. Having said that, this does look uber-cool and it does use much less wattage than its competitors, and if I could afford it I'd get one. So I'll give Phillips props for that, but seriously, the amount of energy that went into creating this behemoth, along with the junk it'll create when it's discarded a few years from now make it far from a rainforest saver. OK, enough venting for a day. Onto more "pressing" topics.

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