Car speakers - Our selection of car audio speakers from Legacy, Lanzar and Pyle car speakers will complete your truck's audio system to perfection

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Car Audio Speakers

Our car and truck speaker collection from Pyle Legacy, Lanzar & more are for those who are serious about their car audio speaker system. With our speakers your car audio will be well on its way. We also have an extensive, discounted collection of Pyle car speakers. You have the car, so get these discounted car audio speakers while they last.

Please browse the different speaker-size categories:

3.5" Car audio speakers
Our 3.5 inch car-speaker collection feature 2-way coaxial speakers from Pyle Audio, Legacy and more.
4" Car speakers
Featuring more than twenty 4 inch Pyle, Lanzar and Pyramid car speakers with coaxial and triaxial abilities.
4x10" car stereo speakers
These oval 4x10 inch car stereo speakers will be perfect OEM replacements, if needed. Coaxial and triaxial sets available.
4x6" Car speakers
From 60 to 240 watts, these speakers will fit standard cutouts in your car, truck or RV, and are economically priced.
5.25" Car Audio Speakers
Close to forty 5 inch and 5.25 inch speakers for your car, truck, RV or boat, ranging from 50 to 400 watts.
5x7" Car Audio Speakers
Coaxial and tri-axial pairs. Our speakers are perfect replacements or additions to your car, truck or RV.
6.5" Car Stereo Speaker
Our 6.5 inch line includes more than 50 car and truck stereo speakers from Lanzar, Pyle, Blitz and more.
6x8" Car Speakers
Two, there and four-way speaker systems sized 6x8 inches. Coaxial and triaxial truck stereo speakers.
6x9" Car Speakers
Our comprehensive line of 6x9 inch car stereo speakers include co, tri and quadriaxial speaker systems.
7x10" Truck Speakers
7x10 inch triaxial and qudriaxial systems. Our speakers will be perfect addtions to your car, truck or RV.
8" Car & Truck Speakers
Our Pyle Audio and Lanzar car stereo speakers are built to fit standard OEM cutouts in your car or truck.
Other Audio Speakers
12" car Speaker

Our speakers will replace or augment your original audio speakers with quality sound and performance.
You can fit these speakers in your car, truck or RV. Be sure to also check out subwoofer selection to boost your audio experience to new heights.
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